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Microbial ecology and insect-microbial symbiosis


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The first fossil replete ant worker establishes living food storage in the Eocene

Indira Sawh Eunice Bae Luciana Camilo Michele Lanan Andrea Lucky Henrique Morais Menezes Gianpiero Fiorentino Christine Sosiak Lily Khadempour Phillip Barden

Leaf-cutter ant fungal cultivar genomes: evolutionary transitions to a novel substrate.

Lily Khadempour Chevrette, M. Wang, Y.W. Franceour, C. Sandstrom, S. Rodriguez, A. Tallarico Pupo, M. Currie, C.

Championing inclusive terminology in ecology and evolution

Susan J. Cheng Kaitlyn M. Gaynor Alex C. Moore Kathy Darragh Cesar O. Estien J.W. Hammond Christopher Lawrence Kirby L. Mills Marcella D. Baiz Danielle Ignace Lily Khadempour Matthew A. McCary Mallory M. Rice Shersingh Joseph Tumber-Dávila Justine A. Smith

Genomic diversification of the specialized parasite of the fungus-growing ant symbiosis

Kirsten Gotting Daniel S. May Jeffrey Sosa-Calvo Lily Khadempour Charlotte Francoeur Aileen Berasategui Margaret W. Thairu Shelby Sandstrom Caitlin M. Carlson Marc G. Chevrette Mônica T. Pupo Tim S. Bugni Ted R. Schultz J. Spencer Johnston Nicole M. Gerardo Cameron R. Currie

From Plants to Ants: Fungal Modification of Leaf Lipids for Nutrition and Communication in the Leaf-Cutter Ant Fungal Garden Ecosystem

Lily Khadempour Kyle, J. Monroe, M. Smith, R. Lipton, M. Currie, C. Baker, E. Burnum-Johnson, K.

Metagenomics reveals diet-specific specialization of bacterial communities in fungus gardens of grass- and dicot-cutter ants.

Lily Khadempour Huan Fan Ken Keefover-Ring Camila Carlos Nilson S Nagamoto Miranda A Dam Monica T Pupo Cameron R Currie

Stingless Bee Larvae Require Fungal Steroid to Pupate.

Camila R Paludo Cristiano Menezes Eduardo A Silva-Junior Ayrton Vollet-Neto Andres Andrade-Dominguez Gleb Pishchany Lily Khadempour Fabio S Nascimento Cameron R Currie Roberto Kolter Jon Clardy Mônica T Pupo

The fungal cultivar of leaf-cutter ants produces specific enzymes in response to different plant substrates.

Lily Khadempour Kristin E Burnum‐Johnson Erin S Baker Carrie D Nicora Bobbie‐Jo M Webb‐Robertson Richard A White Matthew E Monroe Eric L Huang Richard D Smith Cameron R Currie

Enrichment and Broad Representation of Plant Biomass-degrading Enzymes in the Specialized Hyphal Swellings of Leucoagaricus gongylophorus, the Fungal Symbiont of Leaf-Cutter Ants.

Frank O Aylward Lily Khadempour Daniel M Tremmel Bradon R McDonald Carrie D Nicora Si Wu Ronald J Moore Daniel J Orton Matthew E Monroe Paul D Piehowski Samuel O Purvine Richard D Smith Mary S Lipton Kristin E Burnum-Johnson Cameron R Currie

Rapid identification and detection of pine pathogenic fungi associated with mountain pine beetles by padlock probes.

Clement KM Tsui Bin Wang Lily Khadempour Sepideh Massoumi Alamouti Jörg Bohlmann Brent W Murray Richard C Hamelin

Target-specific PCR primers can detect and differentiate ophiostomatoid fungi from microbial communities associated with the mountain pine beetle Dendroctonus ponderosae.

Lily Khadempour Sepideh Massoumi Alamouti Richard Hamelin Jörg Bohlmann Colette Breuil

DNA-based tools for rapidly detecting, quantifying and monitoring ophiostomatoid fungi on beetles, in trees and wood products.

Lily Khadempour YoungWoon Lim SM Alamouti C Breuil

Characterization of microsatellite loci in the fungus, Grosmanniaclavigera, a pine pathogen associated with the mountain pine beetle.

CKM Tsui N Feau CE Ritland S Massoumi Alamouti S DiGuistini Lily Khadempour J Bohlmann C Breuil RC Hamelin